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Sunny Big Hill Springs Engagement Session

Ali and Matt are easily some of the sweetest people I've ever met. Like seriously, even when I'm suggesting we break the law for a photo, they still make sure to decline sweetly. Ok don't worry I'm no hard criminal, I just really wanted to cross a barbed wire fence because it was EXACTLY where the sun was. Well... I forgot that Matt is a Wildlife Conservation Officer and literally arrests people for that exact thing for a living..... So it's safe to say I lost some credibility.

But, what you're here for - the session! We did have an amazing time despite my attempted law breaking. The weather was gorgeous and A+M were adorably giggly the entire time. I'm so excited for their super rad wedding this August. They're having it at a venue I almost booked for my own wedding AND their guest favour is gonna be a mix CD of their favourite songs, how cool is that?!

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