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Peyto Lake Engagement Session

It was freezing and windy, but these two sure made for an amazing adventure!

One evening last month, my husband Tim and I met up with Rachel and Shaun in the Peyto Lake parking lot and made the quick trek up to Peyto Lake Peak. It really is an amazing view for such little effort. Just a quick 10 minute step climb and you feel like you're on top of the world.

Rachel and Shaun are planning a gorgeous outdoor wedding next summer, so we thought why not do a winter engagement session?!

After exploring Peyto Lake, we decided there was enough time and light to visit Bow Lake as well - which none of us had ever been to. Now that is a gorgeous view! I'm Alberta born and raised, so seeing a lake that looks as big as an ocean and rolling waves coming in while being surrounding by mountains was pretty dang cool. We ran around and played in the snow just long enough to not freeze our fingers off and it was such a blast. There's just something about seeing two people in love surrounded by such massive beauty.

I adore these two humans and cannot wait for their wedding this summer! Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to find a surprise ;)

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