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A Beautiful Intimate Backyard Wedding | Covid-19 Update

Yesterday, we received the heartbreaking news that mass gatherings over fifteen in Alberta will be prohibited for the rest of the summer. Even though it doesn't come as a surprise, we know it was hard for everyone to hear.

First and foremost, we want to address our brides and grooms. We are so sorry you're facing such unprecedented stress and troubles during what should be some of the most exciting weeks of your life. You have every right to cry, scream, get angry, throw yourself a pity party - whatever. Any emotion right now is valid. We are so sorry your dream wedding day plans may not be happening this year. Our hearts are breaking for you. We know there isn't much we can do to make things better, but we are here for you. If there's anything we can do to help you navigate these times, please don't hesitate to reach out. We truly hope and pray that everyone can find a way to celebrate with their family and friends, even if that means waiting or scaling back.

We're big believers in seeing the silver lining in dark times, which is why I wanted to share some images of what a smaller scaled wedding could look like. We hope it is encouraging for those of you that are forced to change your plans. Alana and Cory's intimate backyard wedding is evidence that there are options for you, whether that be holding your wedding in your own home, eloping now and partying later, or simply reducing your guest list to 15.

Alana and Cory got ready together in their home on a warm Saturday morning last June. Meanwhile downstairs, their family began to gather in the living room. For their first look and bridals, we strolled around their neighbourhood. Once it was time, everyone gathered in the backyard and the ceremony began. It was one of the smallest spaces we've ever had to work in for a ceremony ;) but it remains one of our favourites. As you'll see, so many guests were emotional and supportive of Alana and Cory and struggled to hold back tears. Following the ceremony, we stayed around for family photos and parted ways before everyone headed back for dinner together in their home.

Your day might look a little different than what you originally planned, but we want to remind you that your marriage is what makes your wedding day, and that doesn't need to change. Don't let these restrictions take that away from you. #LoveIsNotCancelled


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