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Gorgeous Rainy Wedding at Boutique Estate, Bragg Creek

rainy bragg creek wedding bride and groom

Bragg Creek Outdoor Wedding

Rain on your wedding day is something every bride fears. To some it's "good luck" and to others it's their worst nightmare. We can't even count the amount of emails we've received weeks before wedding days from our couples asking "What do we do if it rains?!" Of course, we hear your concerns and totally understand the fear and stress. But, like we always say in our response, rain or shine, you can have an amazing wedding day as long as you have the right attitude! The weather is the one thing you cannot control on your big day, so there's no point letting it ruin your day. We'll bring the umbrellas and hand warmers, you bring your excitement to marry your bestie, and we promise it'll be a good day.

If you're not yet convinced, we'd like to share a wedding from last June that included not only rain, but SNOW. And we're talking pouring freezing cold kind of rain. It was nuts. However, amidst all the crazy weather, Emily, Jesse, and their family were as happy as can be. Literally nothing stopped them from having a good day!

Rainy Wedding Day Photos

Emily and Jesse got married at the beautiful Boutique Estate out in Bragg Creek, Alberta. Emily got ready upstairs with her mom and maid of honour and Jesse downstairs with his dad and brother. Meanwhile further down the property, all the guests rallied together to move their outdoor ceremony from the wet grass to the elevated patio of the tent. It was incredible to see so many people come together to make everything work.

By the ceremony, the rain still kept coming. Everyone just rolled with it, snuggled up and pulled out their umbrellas, and had the biggest smiles on their faces. The weather was so nuts for June, everyone couldn't help but laugh. Following the ceremony, the rain finally started to let up and we were able to roam around the stunning property. There's so many gorgeous places to take photos, we really fell in love with the scenery.

Outdoor Summer Tent Wedding

For their lunch reception, everyone gathered inside the wedding tent and filled up with delicious food and cake. They closed off the day with one of the most beautiful and touching moments we've ever witnessed at a wedding. All the guests lined up in a circle around the tent walls and prayed for the newlyweds. Emily and Jesse then said their goodbyes and made for their honeymoon getaway!

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