The Best of 2020 | Year In Review

2020 was a year none of us could have predicted. This year was our first year officially as Tim + Court Photo and Film and it was going to be our biggest year yet. We made the decision to cap how many bookings we took, due to burn out last season. We bought new gear, hired out new services, and we were ready for a year of massive growth in our business. What we ended up experiencing was nothing we could have prepared for.

Instead of shooting every single weekend (sometimes twice) from May through September, we shot maybe every few weeks, sometimes going a month without a session. Our clients had to make the difficult choice between going forward with their weddings with elements and people missing, or postpone it until things got better again. We mourned the loss of business and connection. We were worried if our business would even survive. We cried - a lot. Despite all the difficulties, we also found a lot of joy in the midst of it all.

We shot more elopements than actual weddings - which is something we’ve been dreaming of for a long time. We were given more time to pour into the projects we did have. We checked a couple places off our photography bucket list. We learned more about our craft. We explored our province a little more, out of pure boredom. We started new hobbies. We learnt a lot about ourselves and each other. We experienced so much support and grace from our incredible clients, for which we are so grateful for. Best of all, we witnessed our clients chose love over and over again. We’re so lucky that our job was literally capturing all the joy and goodness that did come out of this year. We’re really really lucky.

We cannot wait to finally celebrate all our couples that didn’t get to this year, and we’re so thrilled for all those that did. Most of all, thank you for including us.

Here's a few of our favourite moments from this year.

It's crazy to look back on sessions pre-covid and how different everything felt. Back in February, Lindsay and Dave invited us into their home for their engagement session and it was so cozy and fun to see them in their own space loving on each other.

One of our all time favourite elopements actually happened pre-covid in February! On a chilly Thursday morning, Joelle and Barret decided to scrap tradition and exchange vows at their favourite local ice cream shop, Village Ice Cream. The shop opened an hour early for them so they could have the place to themselves. After some ice cream (obviously), we adventured around East Village, drank Phil & Sebastian coffee, and they ended the night off with dinner with their two close friends. Now that's what we call a wedding day.

Riley and Madison was our only full wedding day this year not affected by covid. We're so grateful these two could have the wedding day of their dreams, when only a few short weeks later wouldn't have been possible. They celebrated with their closest friends and family at the Hangar Museum in northern Calgary. Twinkle lights hung from the ceiling and the guests threw paper airplanes as they walked down the aisle as husband and wife. It was perfect.