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The Sweetest Banff Gondola Proposal Ever

With these uncertain times happening right now, we figured we should share some good news to your feeds. And what better thing to share than love?

Back in November, Tyler reached out about photographing him proposing to his girlfriend, Mel. He wanted to surprise her with a trip to Banff and propose at the top of the famous Banff Gondola – how sweet is that? If you've never ridden the Banff Gondola, it's a must see! From the top, you can see mountain ranges for miles and miles, and explore the Sulphur Mountain summit via a boardwalk. It's truly stunning.

After a couple phone calls and a FaceTime to get acquainted with each others faces, the plan was set.

That morning, I arrived early and rode up to the top of the gondola, anxiously awaiting Tyler and Mel. Before they reached the top, I texted Tyler to let him know that the location he had picked out was busy with lots of people. I suggested the platform on the other side of the viewing deck was better, and we were fortunate to have it almost to ourselves!

Once at the top, I sneakily followed behind, taking photos of the scenery of course ;) After scouting the views for a bit, Tyler knelt down and popped the big question. Mel burst into happy tears and said YES!!! It was one of the sweetest reactions I've ever seen. Tyler then gave her the news that I wasn't just some creep staring, but actually hired to photograph the moment haha.

We spent some time exploring the viewing deck and taking more photos before they parted to enjoy a delicious meal at the Sky Bistro below.

We hope these photos brighten up your day a little bit! Stay safe and stay home folks. ♥


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