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Village Ice Cream Elopement - Calgary Wedding Photographer

Joelle + Barret's Village Ice Cream elopement goes down as one of my favourite days we've been a part of. Intimate weddings and elopements hold a special place in our heart so when Joelle reached out about having a small ceremony with just their two witnesses, I was sold.

If you're currently planning a wedding, you've probably heard the growing trend in the industry to do what YOU want for your day. We're so happy to see this trend gain some traction because it really is so rewarding to document couples celebrating their day in a way that's unique to them.

Joelle + Barret had a big year before they got engaged, so they decided to have an intimate ceremony and hold a larger gathering for their family later in the summer. At first, they weren't quite sure where to hold the ceremony but after some brainstorming they figured, why not have it at their favourite ice cream shop Village Ice Cream?! Turns out, Village graciously let them use the space for free!

So, one Thursday morning in February, Joelle and Barret rolled up in their mini coopers, committed their lives to each other, and celebrated with ice cream (of course).

From there, we explored the alleys and streets of East Village and St. Patrick's Island in the early morning sun and to finish it off, they drank Phil & Sebastian coffee and enjoyed dinner for four that evening. Now that's what we call a wedding day.

Officiant: Barry Chugg

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