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St. Patrick's Island Winter Elopement - Calgary, AB

A big wedding with all the glitz and glam isn't for everyone. I always encourage my clients to do what makes them happy, not what wedding trends tell them to do. My husband and I did a lot of things on our wedding day that weren't really our thing, but I thought I had to because that's just what happens at weddings.

Couples like Laura-Leigh and Kye are the perfect examples of doing what YOU WANT. After a year of trying to plan a wedding, they scrapped that idea and decided to elope instead. The legalities didn't concern them, they simply wanted to commit themselves to each other and that would be enough. Laura-Leigh took it one step further and decided to surprise Kye with their wedding! She contacted a friend who helped convince Kye to dress up nice and go out for lunch with him. Afterwards, he led him to meet Laura-Leigh in St. Patrick's Island. They made a fire, exchanged vows sans officiant, and drank hot chocolate. Oh yeah, did I mention it was -20? Despite the freezing temperatures, their spirits remained high and were such a pleasure to document <3

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